The Grand Chase With Calvin Ayre

calvin ayre

Bodog, one of the best, largest and most influential waging firm in the internet today, is founded by Calvin Ayre who's a Billionaire from Canada and an esteemed figure in the entirety of the industry. However, Ayre was faced with an indictment provided by the Baltimore's Federal Prosecutors back on the year 2012 which definitely took a serious blow on his reputation and career. The former billionaire was accused for money laundering and management of an illegal firm and business involving internet waging and betting for sports.

However, Calvin Ayre was not immediately caught and in fact, he was able to dodge and continuously taunt the Law enforcement of the Unites States for several years. In fact, even though the news was already widely spread out, Ayre even had the opportunity to be featured on the revered Forbes Magazine back on 2006. Of course, the topic was all about his case and the endless dodging he had with the US government. The title of article for his subject was 'Catch Me If You Can', which was truly befitting of the scenario he was in.

On the article mentioned which featured Calvin Ayre, the man shared that though what they may be offering can hardly be called waging in some countries where they extend to and operate, their business can most definitely be still considered online waging in its entirety. The firm set up by this outstanding man has definitely made waves on impact on the industry and its history.

Along with Ayre, there were also other men facing the indictment and what it basically involved was illegal waging operations on Maryland along with the movement of a staggering amount of funds across different countries while hiring media and advertising waging through the internet even though it was already prohibited in the country. Bodog was rebranded in United States into the Bovada Website and Calvin Ayre also claimed that no matter what happens, the matter will surely not involve other businesses and charities he have all across the globe except for US.