Learn about the Betting Partners Affiliate Program

Americans are always trying to find new and innovative ways to bring in an income, and the Betting Partners affiliate program offered through Bovada Casino is an excellent opportunity. After all, we've worked hard to build up a brand name that people all over the world can recognize, and when our customers can help us build up our clientele, we want to reward them handsomely. All it takes is a bit of online marketing and you could find yourself earning as much as 25% commission from every single person who creates an account by clicking through your website!

There are plenty of reasons why the Bovada affiliate program is one of the best in the business, and it all starts with the reputation we have built for ourselves. As an affiliate, you'll be able to enjoy sales from one of the biggest brands in the entire industry. Of course, we won't leave it all to you to do on your own; we provide you with ample marketing tools and resources to help you get off the ground. Similarly, sending customers to us to create accounts is easy with all of the awesome promotions we offer to our players. Great bonuses, an excellent assortment of games, friendly customer service and plenty of banking options are just some of the great benefits we can offer.

The only real disadvantage to the program is the possibility of negative carryovers, but with all of the help and support that you'll receive, we're sure that you'll be making money in no time. We start out by paying you 35% commissions for the first 60 days and then 25% thereafter. The revenue is calculated allowing for player winnings, fees and chargebacks which will ultimately affect the amount that you are able to collect. Earnings are paid once per month, and if you have any questions at all, you're always welcome to contact our friendly customer service agents. Once again, we've worked hard to provide a platform that allows for a symbiotic relationship between you, us and the players referred to our website, and anyone can take advantage of this.